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MAAAX® LONGfibe® Forage Cubes

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MAAAX® LONGfibe® Forage Cubes are made up of  60% premium Ontario-grown alfalfa hay and 40% premium Ontario-grown timothy hay.

LONGfibe® cubes uses a 3" grinder cut over the standard 2" cut. This allows for a particle length of 4.5cm and longer. A minimum of 2.5cm is required to be considered long fiber.

Process the Forage!

Careful attention to blending the forage for

balanced nutrition and consistency

Adherence to globally recognized standards to ensure a safe & nutritional forage supply

Processed in rumensin-free facility

Add a small amount of bentonite to bind toxins in the digestive tract & improve overall horse health

Strict plant protocols to avoid foreign objects such as metal detection etc.

Hay used is labeled and documented for better tracking purposes

Directions of Use
Guaranteed Analysis
Feeding Tips
  • Weigh your horse using a weigh tape or calculation: (heartgirth x heartgirth) x body length ÷ by 330

  • Horses should receive at least 1.5%-2% of its body weight in forage/day. May need to increase in colder weather

  • Calculate how much forage your horse should receive by multiplying the percentage above by body weight

  • Weigh out cubes for accurate portion size

  • Gradually replace current hay or cubes with MAAAX over 7-10 days

  • Feed at ground level

  • Soaking is not necessary

More Feeding Tips with Team Millar


Fiber is the most important component after water and should make up 90% of a horse’s diet

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Consistent Quality

Grown and produced in
Canada under strict controls, MAAAX® Equine Feed Products provide consistent quality nutrition all year long.

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Virtually Dust Free

MAAAX® Equine Feed reduces the risk of respiratory problems.

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Guaranteed Nutrient Content

Every MAAAX® bag comes with a guaranteed analysis of nutrient composition. Hay varies flake to flake, bale to bale.

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Virtually No Wastage

Every cube is consumed whereas hay can end up as very expensive bedding.

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MAAAX® products are an effective way to monitor feed rations and are easy to handle, store and transport.

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More Energy

MAAAX® Equine Feed cubes contain up to 50% more digestible energy than even the best quality hay.

Discover all the information to keep your horse healthy with MAAAX® 

Why feed MAAAX® LONGfibe® cubes?  

MAAAX® LONGfibe® cubes don’t make your horse “hot”!

MAAAX® LONGfibe® cubes are taken up slowly to prevent choking! 

It is important that horses chew as much as possible! 

A short walk for a bite is essential! 

Take a Breath!

Size Matters!

It’s more than just “slobber”! 

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